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Will County Pool Lighting

Swimming ponds are becoming more recognized by homeowners as a great way to enjoy natural settings while still having a clean place to swim in their back yards.

This Swimming + Pond idea sounds a little crazy when you first hear about it, but if you take a look at some of the really awesome swimming ponds people have constructed, you see why so many people think it's a great idea. And one of the neatest things about a swimming pond is that it can look as natural as you want it to.

Whether you want just an area to seem natural or everything involved in the swimming pond to look natural, your swimming pond will be a place you and your family and friends love to hang out in.

Have you ever seen a really great movie which shows a scene of someone enjoying a good soak in a natural swimming pond that you know isn't a real place but is really a movie set? These scenes often stem from real places that are setup as a stage, but they mimic a natural area that truly exists in the world. Why not have a swimming pond area for your own backyard? Imagine that.

Electric Aerating or Oxygenators for Swimming Pond Construction

Whatever your choices and ideas for your swimming pond are, you'll need to be sure that everything is set up right and planned for. For instance, you'll need to be sure you have access to electrical power in the area.

Since your swimming pond will contain living things, the water needs to circulate and have plenty of oxygen. And in order for this to happen, you'll need to connect some equipment to it that needs electrical power. Aerating, or oxygenators, fountains, sump pumps and centrifugal irrigation pumps are options to circulate and add oxygen.

Lighting For Your Swimming Pond Construction

If you're wanting a swimming pond, you'll want to be sure you can enjoy it at nighttime as well as during the daylight hours. Planning for some lighting to light the pathways or walkways will ensure safety in the darker hours you'll be enjoying your swimming pond.

You'll want to also be sure the swimming area is well lit underneath the water surfaces. And you may consider a few low light options for pole or lantern lighting that will help light up the nearby areas.

LED lighting can be used for all lighting types including adding some softly lit colors to create mood or enhance the design. Imagine your swimming pond water with an underwater red glow for some fun or romance, or perhaps a soft blue glow to make the water look even more inviting.

Whatever your lighting ideas are, we can make them happen at Current Electrical / Mechanical Inc. Our experienced electricians will help you with setting up wiring, outlets, lighting, or anything else you need involving electrical systems for your new swimming pond construction. Just give us a call for quality service you can trust!


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