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Will County Pool Lighting

If you're planning to have a fish pond constructed for your property, you'll want to be sure the project is correctly wired with sufficient power for any pumps or lighting that may need to be installed.

Underwater lighting and other electrical elements should be done by professionally licensed electricians. You may not think electrical power would be needed for your fish pond, but it is if you want to be sure your fish and pond plants stay healthy and that you can enjoy the area after dark.

And many homes don't have electrical wiring installed for areas that are a distance from the home. So you'll probably need wiring installed from the home to the pond area as well. Our electricians at Current Electrical / Mechanical Inc. are experienced, licensed electricians who can help you with any electrical needs for your fish pond.

Lighting For Your Fish Pond Construction

Your fish pond could be greatly enhanced by some well placed landscape lighting. Whether in the pond or around the pond, the right lighting will make your pond doubly impressive. Plus, you'll be able to enjoy it in the evening and after dark. Lighting up walkways leading to the area is also a good ides for safety reason.

We can work out a great plan to enhance your fish pond with lighting. You'll have many options to choose from, including LED lights specifically designed for water. LED lighting can also be controlled remotely, and can even shift between colors so you can use them to create any color of light your want for your fish pond.

Electric Aerating for Fish Pond Construction

When you have a fish pond, it's important that the water is provided with plenty of fresh oxygen. The plants and fish in this mini-eco system need it to thrive. Otherwise, the water is just becoming more stagnant day by day.

Stratification is a process where the sun heats up the water surface but the lower levels of water become depleted of it. It creates a layer of oxygen starved water which will kill living things in your pond.

To add oxygen to the pond, you'll need an electric aerator, a centrifugal irrigation or sump pump, or a fountain. And for those to run, you need electrical power installed near or at your pond.

The good news is that this setup can be installed along with your lighting choices, so from house to lawn to pond, you'll have options along the way for lighting, electrical outlets, and direct wiring.

If you're planning on a fish pond for your enjoyment or to grow a fish farm, you'll want experienced electricians helping you get it set up. Give our technicians a call and we'll get started with a consultation to determine your specific needs. For quality and dependable service, call Current Electrical / Mechanical today!


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