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Professional Heating, Air Conditioning, And Electrical For Bradley IL


Current Electrical / Mechanical Inc. offers professional heating, ventilation, air conditioning and electrical services for Bradley, Illinois and many other areas. Our motto is, "We Do It Right The First Time" so our customers get the service they in order to have a reliable Bradley electrical and HVAC system.

Our Will County Heating and Air Conditioning Company makes sure to hire the best electricians and HVAC technicians in the area and see to it that they receive regular continuing education and certification to keep up with the advances in technology. We equip them with the latest testing and diagnostic tools and train them how to be expert troubleshooters. When you need quick and reliable service for your Bradley furnace, air conditioner, or electrical system, you can count on us.

Your Bradley Expert Heating & Air Conditioning Contractors

When it comes to keeping your home or business in Bradley nice and comfortable, you rely heavily on your heating and air conditioning system, especially during our cold Illinois winters. Your furnace can be a vital part of your safety and wellbeing. Current Electrical / Mechanical Inc. is the company to call when your HVAC system fails to provide your indoor comfort. We are available for full heating, ventilation, and air conditioning services year round. Whether you have a gas furnace or electrical comfort system, our Bradley technicians offer you the best in repairs, replacements, and new installations.

Professional Electrical Services in Bradley

At Current Electrical / Mechanical Inc., we specialize in giving homeowners and businesses in Bradley affordable, quality electrical services that they can count on.

We are fully licensed and insured, professionally trained electricians with many years of experience in the industry. Our superior Bradley electrical services are only exceeded by the quality of our workmanship and reliability. Please call for more information or to schedule your estimate.

Electrical Safety Inspection in Bradley

Older Bradley wiring systems pose more risk than new electrical systems in homes, commercial, or industrial buildings when it comes to electrical wiring safety. Over time the wiring and other materials will degrade and be worked loose by the tiny movements from expansion and contraction as well as earth vibrations. This can cause significant risk for fire or shorts. Electrical safety inspections are important in older homes, but also need to be performed regularly in newer homes. Electrical panels will need replacement around every 10 years.

Electrical inspections are important during the time a home is put on the market to be sold. It is important to hire a professional so that you are ensured that the home possesses updated wiring and meets with local code authority regulations. If you are buying, you want to be sure the home you are interested in won't require repairs after you move in.

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