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Will County Solar Panel System Installation

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  1. Do you have a monthly electrical bill over $100?
  2. Do you have a south, west or east unshaded roof between 9am and 5pm?
  3. Interested in green investment that will yield 15-20% a year and show a 3 to 8 year ROI?

Our solar solutions allow you to have the power to turn your electrical meter backwards, and even sell back excess energy to your local power company-meaning even more solar electric power savings can be yours.

That is what we like to call Being Your Own Solar Power Company. Through Current Electrical / Mechanicals commitment to world-class installation, complete with insurance and bonding, you will Be Your Own Solar Power Company, and realize your own solar power savings! With US federal reductions on your total system cost, there has never been a better time than now to speak to one of our solar power experts on how you too can have the savings provided by solar electric power!

Our Will County solar contractors install, maintain and repair active solar energy systems. The components of an active solar energy system are thermally isolated from the living spaces. These components collect and transfer thermal energy to provide electricity and/or the heating and cooling of air or water. There are many different types of active solar energy systems available, including; forced air systems, thermosiphon systems, radiant systems, evaporative cooling systems, photovoltaic cells and solar assisted absorption cooling systems.

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