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Generators in Will County

Will County

The disruption of power for substantial lengths of time can occur at any time due to hurricanes, earthquakes, fires, snowfall and other natural calamities. Having emergency backup power in such situations is not only essential for hospitals and commercial establishments but also in homes to run critical appliances like lights, refrigerators, heaters and medical equipment.

There are basically two types of generators that can be used in an emergency: portable and permanent standby generators. The main difference between the two is their output power and price.

In times of emergencies, portable generators provide the most economical way of supplying back up power. Appliances are directly plugged into the generator using the recommended extension cord or alternatively are connected to the home wiring system using a transfer switch. The generators come with an electric start or a pull start and loaded with many other features including the GFCI receptacles.

Stationery home generators require the service of a professional or a licensed Joilet electrician for installation. The generators are connected to the home wiring system through an automatic transfer switch. Stationery generators come with an automatic power monitoring system. As soon as there is disruption in power, the generator automatically starts to provide power and switches off automatically after normal power is restored.

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