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Is It Time to Upgrade Wiring in Your Home or Business?

July 14, 2011 at 2:08 pm | Category: Electrical Tips

Electrical ContractorWhile the current economy scares many away from big purchases, there are a few things as a home or business owner that simply should not be put off. Answering the question, “Is it time to upgrade wiring in your home or business?” takes a bit of research and planning.

You need to first assess the current wiring to see what the voltage is. Much of the older wiring is 100 volts. This is not enough in today’s world where there is so much technology; 220 volt is the preferred wiring for most homes and businesses. Having your local electrician come in to assess the current state of wiring is the best way to get a handle on where you stand.

Deciding if it is time to upgrade wiring in your home or business should be based on the current and future use of the space, the budget that you have to work with and the timeline that you have available. It is vital that you take some time and ask the important questions before you decide, as this is a major undertaking.

Some of the advantages of upgrading wiring in your home or business are that you will be making the space safer, and you will be able to handle whatever technology throws your way. Older wiring can be ripe for a fire if there is a short or you are asking the wiring to give you more energy than it has to give. This is easy to do with so many technological needs.

Another advantage to upgrading your wiring is the efficiency. By upgrading your wiring you can run the building more efficiently. With fewer power surges you are more likely to be using less power, and this should decrease your electric bill. Though you may pay upfront for the upgrade, you may save in the long run.

You can easily have an electrician give you a break down of where your home or business stands within the National Electrical Code. This will help you to decide if the time has come for you to upgrade. Additionally, if you are adding an addition to the building you may find that you run into a few electrical issues due to the old wiring in the building.

When you have decided whether or not to upgrade wiring in your home or business, you want to make sure that the contractor you hire has a good reputation and has been licensed by the State you’re in. This information can be obtained by contacting the local Secretary of State. You also want to be sure to get a quote for the project that is as detailed as possible so you’re well aware of what’s involved.

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