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Electrical Repairs

The greatest fear a new “Mr. Fix-it” often faces is considering the challenge of an electrical project.  The primary hurdle is the fear of being shocked.  It is this unnecessary fear which often times prompts a call to a costly service repairman.  A healthy respect for electricity cannot be over emphasized however; working on electrical components is undoubtedly one of the safest, easiest and certainly the cleanest undertaking for the home owner

The truth of the matter is: It is absolutely impossible to receive an electrical shock if there is no current passing through, or stored in, the device or appliance.  Pull the plug, remove the fuse or trip the breaker.  It is as simple as that yet literally hundreds of home owners meet with an untimely demise every year due to electrical shock.  Disconnecting the source is a very simple, common sense rule to avoid such tragedies.

There really is nothing difficult in any phase of electrical work.  Once you have a fundamental understanding of electricity the odds are you may have a more difficult time assembling a child’s toy at Christmas than replacing a light switch, receptacle or ceiling fan.

Now then, most electrical panels are located either in a utility room, garage or basement.  Ironically these are the very rooms which you are most likely to find either a wet or damp floor.  Go figure!  Institute a few Precautionary and Safety measures: they are a must.


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