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Electric repair tips for older homes and storm damage

There are a number of reasons that you may need electric repairs at your home or business.  However damage from storms, rain or flooding requires special attention as do older homes when it comes to electrical repair.

Electrical damage from rain or flooding

Storm and hurricanes can cause significant damage to homes. Winds and driving rain can blow shingles off of roofs, and weaken the structural integrity of a home.

Further, any of these potential issues are then compounded by the flooding that accompanies these major weather events. Making any repairs after a storm or hurricane is a daunting task; and making electric repairs is something that should only be done by a trained professional. Without the background experience and education in electric repairs, it is easy to miss something that needs to be fixed.

For example, every electrical component that has been below floodwater needs to be replaced after the water recedes, from outlets to appliances and even major components such as furnaces. The standing floodwater is full of unknown pollutants that will cause damage to the finely tuned parts of electric appliances and insulated electrical wiring, even if they seem unaffected at first. If these components are not replaced, this damage can lead to simple malfunctions or major electric fires.


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