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4 Most Common Reasons For Air Conditioning Repairs

4 Most Common Reasons For Air Conditioning Repairs
When the temperature gets warm indoors, it can be really uncomfortable. Sometimes the air is hotter inside than outside when the air conditioner doesn't work. Sometimes an air conditioner fails altogether, but it can often be repaired. If your air conditioner is showing signs of problems, there can be any number of causes for it. Sometimes the problem is simple, like a low refrigerant level. Other times the issues are very complicated involving a lot of costs in time and money to repair. Worse yet is when the air conditioner breaks for good and it has to be replaced.

Air Conditioner Parts Failure

Parts can fail whether they are old or not. Many times they will fail because another part of the system isn't functioning properly. You can even have a brand new air conditioner yet see a part fail on you. Air conditioners are made of thousands of moving parts that work together to cool your home. You may have several components that are added into the system including heat pumps, dehumidifiers, air purification systems or other equipment.

While most of these are installed as additions to the main system, some are not and they rely on one another to function properly. When a part fails, you'll need to be sure to have it repaired right away or it can weaken the system and bring the entire unit down. You sure don't want to have to replace the air conditioning equipment way before its time.

Lack of Air Conditioner Maintenance

Air Conditioners require maintenance just like any other machine. Many of the moving parts need to be kept lubricated or the metal grinds against metal. Also, a grimy system will cause dirt to infiltrate where it shouldn't, adding to additional problems.

To avoid air conditioning repairs, maintenance should be done a few times a year to maintain a healthy functioning mechanical system. Just like your vehicle, it simply won't last if you don't have the machinery and systems maintained regularly.

Thermostat Trouble

Thermostat problems are one of the main reasons for air conditioning repairs. While they aren't the top rated reason for A/C repairs, a thermostat that doesn't function properly means your air conditioner isn't being controlled properly. Settings can be off, sensors can go out, or any number of other things. This is an item that would be checked during a tune up, during repairs, or during maintenance.

If you end up finding out your thermostat is an issue and it needs to be replaced, why not opt for one of the latest thermostats that offer you the ability to control and check your air conditioner with your smart phone or over the internet? Now that's truly remote control technology!

Condenser Fan Motor Repair

If you have a central air system, the condenser fan motor is installed within the equipment located outdoors. Condenser fan motor repair is very often the problem when a cooling system doesn't blow cold air through the vents. The motor will need to be replaced unless it was a loose wire or something else.

Where To Find Reliable Air Conditioning Repairs In Will County

At Current Electrical / Mechanical, Inc., a local Long Island air conditioning repair company, we've seen a lot of problems over the years. We've found that among the many air conditioning repairs we've made, there are a few problems that are very common. However, our technicians are very adept at troubleshooting, so diagnosing the air conditioner is no problem.

When you have an air conditioning issue that needs to be handled, you can rely on our expert repairs at Current Electrical / Mechanical, Inc.. Our professional air conditioning repair team are licensed and insured, certified where needed, and can work on your air conditioner.

Whether your system is currently having problems or not, all our services are available to you. Call for your air conditioning tune up today, and let us help you keep your air conditioner in great shape so you can count on it all throughout the year!

If you would like to learn more about Air Conditioning Repairs, please call Current Electrical / Mechanical, Inc. at 815-521-9402 or complete our online request form.