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Electrical Articles From Your Will County Electrician

Current Electrical / Mechanical strives to be a resource for Will County and Joilet homeowners. We like to offer valuable tips to those who want to know more about their home. Please come back on a regular basis, as articles will be added monthly. Or sign up for our monthly Around The House newsletter, and learn how to get special deals.

3 Important Reasons To Make Sure You Get A Fall Heating Tune Up Now - Now that the summer has finally passed, and the weather is finally starting to cool down, you are likely going to be making the transition from your air conditioning system to your heating system in the coming months, but before you do, you need to make sure that you take the proper steps to ensure it is up to the task.... (more)

4 Most Common Reasons For Air Conditioning Repairs - When the temperature gets warm indoors, it can be really uncomfortable. Sometimes the air is hotter inside than outside when the air conditioner doesn't work. Sometimes an air conditioner fails altogether... (more)

Electrical Repairs For Your Older Victorian Homes - Old homes can sometimes be a challenge when troubleshooting electrical problems as there are so many connections and facets that... (more)

Electric repair tips - There are a number of reasons that you may need electric repairs at your home or business.  However damage from... (more)

Electrical Repairs - The greatest fear a new “Mr. Fix-it” often faces is considering the challenge of an electrical project. (more)

Is it Time to Upgrade Your Electrical Wiring?- Do you have KNOB & TUBE wiring in your Will County house? If so it could be an accident waiting to happen. Old wiring is not only inefficient but poses a serious fire hazard. Back in the 30's, 40's, and 50's, when this type of wiring was installed, the demand for current was low. Today's electricity demands are a hundred times what they were 50 years ago. (more)

Easy In-House Electrical Inspection- The first thing that I would like to point out here, before you do any electrical inspection in yourself, is to avoid touching any of the electrical system. This is going to be an issue ball home inspection and can usually be done in less than an hour, unless your Will County house is huge. (more)

Eco-Friendly Electrical Appliances- There is a lot of focus on saving the environment and manufacturers of various products are now using green technology to preserve the environment around your Will County home. For consumers, there is even an added advantage to using the eco-friendly appliances. They are designed to use less energy which means that the electricity bills are lower when you use them. When you are buying household appliances... (more)

The Function of Circuit Breaker Panels In Will County - As an Will County  homeowner, you should be familiar with the location of your circuit breaker panel. In most homes, the circuit breaker box is located in the laundry area or basement. Sometimes the circuit breaker box is located on the outside of the home... (more)

What Can Landscape Lighting Do For Your Joilet Home - When it comes to landscaping there are many things which can be done in order to make it look impressive. There are many different features and ideas to try and one thing that is sure to go down well is landscape lights. (more)

How to Make Your Air Conditioner More Efficient - In times of rising energy costs and rapidly depleting fossil fuels, making your air conditioner more efficient will reduce your energy usage, make your home more comfortable, save money, and possibly help to save the environment. (more)

Generators – A Guide To Purchasing - The diesel generator produces electric energy using the combination of an electrical generator and a diesel engine. Ships often use diesel generators, to power the electric system and to propel the ship. (more)

Major Remodel - Upgrade Your Electrical Service! - Thirty years ago, the average new home was equipped with a 60 amp electrical service connected to a screw-in fuse panel with two fuse blocks. The common. (more)

Should You Get An Electrical Inspection? -They recommend that any Florida home that is over 40 years old, has had major renovation or major appliances added over 10 years ago or is changing owners receive an electrical inspection. (more)

Home Security Lighting -A It is a well-known fact, that satisfactory lighting is a very valuable deterrent to crime. Whatever lighting might help reduce your risk of becoming a victim, the right. (more)

Electrical Safety Tips -Among the things that we do know about electricity is that faulty electrical system is almost always the cause of fire and injuries whether in commercial or residential... (more)

Be Eco-Wise with LED Lights -With more and more people concerned about the environment, building and decorating green has never been more popular. One of the easiest ways... (more)



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